Solid holder thermo


Description: Our range of insulated containers are suitable for holding 1 or several meals. They are ideal for all kind of foods: whether solid, liquid or semi-solid. Additionally, their thermal capacity is suitable for adults as well as children, and you can take food with you wherever you want, because they can maintain the temperature for up to 10 hours.*

Characteristics: Indicated for transporting solid food products (without sauce), maintaining the temperature during
several hours. Not suitable for liquids. The lid includes a sealed locking system, which is not air-tight. It incorporates an inner tray so that 2 different food products can be included. Extra-resistant to blows.

Materials: Manufactured in the highest quality 304 (18/8) stainless steel. 

Wide mouth: for easy filling and taking food out.

Accesories included: transport bag.

Vacuum chamber: Its double inner steel wall with a vacuum chamber provides maximum thermal performance, while in turn
making it unbreakable. With a silicone ring, the insulated container's screw cap seals hermetically to prevent spills.

*The characteristics which determine thermal capacity are the type of food, the temperature to which the food is heated, the use of sauces, etc. The amount of food and the outside temperature,can also mean that food changes temperature faster.

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