Asiento de baño Pouf

Ok Baby

Description: When our baby is bigger and the remaining seats are small you can use this bath seat that has free entry and broader measures. It can also be used as a normal seat out of the tub, it has two fastening system, suction cups to attach to the tub and slip studs for use as a normal seat. Ok Baby (prestigious Italian firm) has created POUF bath seat.

Features: Bath seat for bathing. It can be used in the family bathtub. ergonomic design. It incorporates witnessed maximum water level. Fastening system with suction cups. The suction cups can be capped and the toilet seat becomes a chair to be used outside the tub.

Measurements: 29cm x 41cm high x 42cm wide long.

Recommended age: For baby +12 months.

Stands for double fastening system allowing use in and out of the tub, and comprehensive measures.

OK Baby +12m