Vaso higiénico Pasha

Ok Baby

Description: No should be in a hurry, or remove the diaper prematurely because it could cause imbalances in the small. When it starts to show sphincter control and observe that begins to be prepared, will accompany the transition. It may be 2 or 3 years depending on the child and its rate of growth. Happy urinals need to allow the small be relaxed and comfortable to make the process as natural as possible. To facilitate the step of removing the diaper Ok Baby (prestigious Italian firm) has created glass PASHA toilet.

Features: anatomical bath seat. nonslip strips on the base for safety completely fixed, avoiding slips and falls. Removable container container for easy cleaning.

Recommended age: 12 to 36 months approx.

He noted for its high-backed promoting proper posture and cheerful colors.

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