Bañera Onda Evolution

Ok Baby

Description: Practical tub for babies 0 to 12 months. To facilitate our small bathroom Ok Baby (prestigious Italian firm) has created the Onda Evolution bath. Validates to position above the bathtub of adults.

Features: Ergonomic design. Double position seat 0/6 months and 6/12 months. The seat has three support points: two in the armpits and one between the legs. Seat anti-slip rubber (through the process of co-injection rubber and polypropylene are integral. Screw cap designed to facilitate fast emptying of the bucket. With thermometer and maximum water level. Includes sopoetes to position the above the bath tub adult.

Measurements: 93cm x 25cm long x 53cm high wide.

He noted for its versativilidad in the usage time of 0-12 months and ergonomic system.

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