Hamaca de baño Buddy.

Ok Baby

Description: Wash the baby the first few days is no easy task. Its delicate little body needs our attention and our care. Although early days cost a little soon you will begin to enjoy this intimate and relaxed time.

Features: Hammock bathroom to knock down the baby. It can be used in the family bathtub or a sink of adequate size for quepáis baby and your comfortably avoiding that it can give a blow with the faucet. ergonomic design. The seat has three support points: two in the armpits and one between the legs. Anti-slip seat rubber (thanks to the co-injection process rubber and polypropylene are integral. Segurida fastening by suction. Washable soft cover curl machine. Includes two cases standardized measure.

Measurements: 29cm x 64cm wide x 25cm long high.

Recommended age: From birth to 12 months.

It is known for being lightweight, easy to carry, anti-slip and very comfortable to wash the baby's first months of life.

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