1-. Do all insulated containers maintain temperature to the same extent?
No. The insulated containers with highest thermal capacity are the ones that have a double stainless steel interior wall
with a vacuum between the walls and an airtight seal. The type of material (plastic, stainless steel, etc), the type of closure (airtight, watertight, etc), the size of the container and the thickness of the walls, are some of the characteristics which determine thermal capacity.

2-. What other factors affect the extent to which the temperature of the food is maintained?
The type of food (the semi-solids, such as porridge and purées, stay hot better than solids such as meat, omelette, pasta, etc), the temperature to which the food is heated, the use of sauces, the amount of food and the outside temperature,
can also mean that food changes temperature faster.

3-. How do you choose the ideal insulated container?
Choose the thermal capacity that best meets your needs. This will depend on whether it's for children or adults, for long or short trips, for normal or extreme temperatures, for carrying liquids semi-solids or solids, etc.

4-. Where can I put baby cereal so that it maintains its temperature for longer?
The best choice is a screw-top insulated jar with an airtight seal. That way, the temperature will be maintained and the
purée or cereal won't separate and form a watery liquid.

5-. How to get better insulated performance?
It's very important to fill the insulated container completely, i.e. use its full capacity, since the fuller it is, the longer it will maintain its temperature.
• To keep food cold: first cool the container by filling it with cold water (between 2º and 10 ºC) for two minutes (do
not put ice cubes in it).
• To keep food hot: pre-heat the container by filling it with very hot water (not boiling) for two minutes.

6-. What is the ideal temperature for a liquid to keep its temperature in an insulated container?
The temperature range for the liquid is between 2º C and 96º C. However, if it is to be kept hot, the closer it is to 96ºC the better, and if it is to be kept cold, the closer it is to 2º C, the better.

7-. What can I do if the container has developed a vacuum seal and I can't open it?
You can warm it up with a hair dryer, or put it upside down in hot (not boiling) water with the lid under the surface -the lid will then expand and you'll be able to open it.

8-. Black spots have appeared on the inside surface of the container. Are they toxic?
Some food substances, such as salt, iron, sugar, etc, could cause spots to appear on the steel. These spots are completely harmless. If this happens, fill the insulated container with a mixture of 9 parts warm water to 1 part vinegar, leave for 30 minutes and then rinse out well with plenty of water.

9-. How can I best look after my Termaline products?
After use, always leave it open, to prevent smells Make sure you clean it regularly, avoiding leaving any residue and do not use it for carbonated drinks.