Bebé Due Medic Bottle 330ml


Description: Bebé Due Medic makes the switch from breast to bottle easier and also the combined use of both easier. Because of its continuous flow system, feeding is more similar to breast feeding. The baby's digestion is healthier and more natural, easier and without the risk of colic. It is particularly suitable for newborn and even premature babies who need to make a greater effort to feed from conventional bottles because their digestive system is still immature.

Characteristics: Thanks to the continuous flow of liquid, the baby does not need to make an effort to suckle, therefore, it avoids having part of the liquid or air diverting to that part of the ear. Medically proven. The Bebé Due Medic bottle has an exclusive anti-colic system which allows the air to enter and circulate to the bottom of the bottle through a venting tube, preventing the
formation of air bubbles.

Accessories included: Anti.spill valve: help to reduce the risk of liquid spills. Temperature Sensor: Includes a sensor to check the temperature of the liquid. If it exceeds 37ºC, it change to pink color.

Benefits: Air-vent system: allows the pass of the air to the venting tube.

Material: PP  (Toxic free) 

Normativa +6m BPA Free