Our aim is to make the daily hygiene routine a relaxing time for baby and a pleasant experience for parents. For this reason, our product range covers all aspects of hygiene over babies' different stages of development - from changing mats and baby baths to products which encourage toddlers' independence, such as toilet adaptors and bathroom steps.

Ergonomic products
When designing hygiene products, it's very important not only to take safety into account, but also to make the products ergonomically suitable for children, so that they feel comfortable using them. Soft materials, non-slip bases, neck supports and lumbar cushions all help keep baby in the right position in the bathtub.
The parents' comfort and convenience when bathing and changing their baby are also essential. That's why some products incorporate features which make it easier, such as bath sides which can acts as supports, and high bath stands that mean you don't have to bend down when bathing baby.

Practical details
We know how difficult bathtime can be, especially for the first 6 months, when a baby can't sit up independently. You need one hand to hold your baby, and the other has to do the rest. That's why it's important to always have everything you're going to need close at hand, and why you should use items which provide practical solutions to likely problems.
From the start, Bebé Due's Hygiene Products are designed with these needs - which are so important for parents - in mind. Little details, such as a lid which can be opened with one hand, temperature indicators and convenient drain tubes, allow you to focus all your attention on baby.