Products that protect baby's health

From the moment your baby's born, the Bebé Due Medic range provides experiences which are natural, safe, hygienic and - most importantly - happy and comfortable for all. Because the Medic range is especially designed for newborns and mothers, and grows with the baby from infancy to weaning onto solid food.

We at Bebé Due choose high quality materials because we know that using good materials is an investment in accident prevention. Additionally, the products in the Bebé Due Medic range have been designed with great thought and care by expert
paediatricians to assist babies and mothers during the first few months. That's why we can recommended their use from the
very first day, since, thanks to the shape of the teats and the internal anti-colic system, the bottles eliminate the pain of colic and
reduce the risk of ear infection, because the milk flows continuously and baby can relax while feeding.