Childcare 360º

The collection focuses on lightweight products that take up little storage space, to suit today's homes. Products that are
simple to assemble and transport. With designs that offer practical solutions that are tough and long-lasting and change
as your baby changes during the early stages of growth. The articles in the childcare range are the ones a family uses
for longest, so they must be functional and designed to suit your home. For example, they are in modern prints, have
wheels for easy mobility and covers that are removable and washable for convenience and hygiene.

Bebé Due is part of Design4Children, a European project that aims to improve the quality and competitiveness of products
for young children. One of the fields in which most of the effort has been concentrated is the development of innovative design tools to improve comfort for children while extending the product's useful life. The starting point was to research the biomechanics of children and how they interact with the products designed for them. The result of this investigation allow us to
create and modificate our articles to offer - both to babies and parents, the maximum benefit.

All products are checked using specific tests, and verified by certification in accordance with applicable European regulations,
by the prestigious independent AIJU laboratory.