Safety at home
Safety in the home

When babies start to crawl and to take their first steps, their instinct to explore knows no limits. They love to experiment with everything they find. Covering up sharp edges, putting electrical appliances out of reach, removing overhanging tablecloths and slippery rugs - these are just some of the precautions to be taken when there is a little one, who needs constant attention, in the house.

That's why we at Baby Due decided to make a wide range of Home Safety products to help parents with the difficult task of constant vigilance. Bed bars, protective devices on doors and windows and intercoms are among the products you'll find in the following pages.

Our commitment to children
According to the FAROS report on Accidental injuries in childhood and adolescence: Exposing the myth of bad luck, 50% of childhood accidents occur at home, and in most cases could have been avoided.
This alarming fact has led us to develop - in collaboration with specialists from Sant Joan de Deu Children's Hospital and the AIJU Toy Institute - a safety guide which is entitled Learning to Prevent. This guide gives advice and makes recommendations on how to prevent accidents and injuries in the child's environment.