Food is the essential basis for good child development -physical, mental and social. That's why Bebé Due pays special attention to its full range of feeding accessories.

Step by step, going at your baby's own pace

During their first months of life, babies are constantly growing and changing, and need products which allow them to move
towards greater independence and don't interrupt their bodies' development. Items such as teething rings and spoons are
designed to encourage such important aspects as swallowing and teething. Other development-orientated products such as cups facilitate the move from bottle to cup, and, with accessories that respect baby's natural rate of development, can change as baby changes during the learning process.

Quality materials 100% safe

Great care must be taken over items that are in contact with food, to ensure they contain no harmful substances. Bebé Due
works hard to assist your child's growth and development. We therefore design and manufacture our products to pass the most
stringent safety testing. All our Feeding accessories are high quality and 100% safe, since they contain no toxic substances.